Currently producing works in the fields of:


Journalistic Writing - Writing for Social Media - Copywriting


Producing art works using photography and text


Research for Design Projects - Writing about Design -Project Management for Design Projects - Client Communications for Design Projects


History of Cochin - Cultural heritage - Design & New Media

Currently holding the positions of:

Currently holding the positions of:

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Pixel Nirvana is an interdisciplinary design studio based in Cochin / Kochi. It is considered one among the best studios in India for branding and design.

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Route Cochin is an online magazine delves deep into the history and culture of Kochi, through stories unearthing its eventful past, exploring the interesting juncture the city is at today and envisaging the days to come. It is an innovative venture in cultural journalism and in new media design and content production.

Yes, I am a hyphenate.

I jump at every opportunity that excites me, thanks to life circumstances where I had to work hard and fend for myself. During a couple of those jumps, I reached creative and intellectual spaces that gave my life a purpose and meaning and made my heart feel at home. I have doing various projects in those wonderful spaces. Most of my works are produced in collaborative environments, primarily as a part of Pixel Nirvana Design Studio and Route Cochin (online magazine). I put in a great amount of work into every project I choose to do. The joy of seeing our projects come to fruition and having an impact on things larger than us fuels my journey forward. It keeps me inspired to keep pursuing everything I love and to invest my time and efforts in a diverse range of projects.

Some Works:


Co-produced the art work with Sudhith Xavier which was curated by Riyas Komu (Co-Founder, Kochi Muziris Biennale) for the exhibition ‘Mattancherry.’

I have been researching on the Jewish community of Cochin and is working producing a multimedia series on the topic. This is the first article in the series.


This is a client project for Pixel Nirvana Design Studio. I worked with the client’s team and deeply studied the topic to create the content structure for the website which served as the basis for creating the UI. Planned and co-execute the production of visual content. Was involved in creating the design structure for each of the pages. Have written the entire content for the website.

I have been involved in the content production and campaign planning for this program which is based out of digital platforms. I have written the content for social media, clicked photographs for their stories and designed various social media posters.